Lecture-time sketches.


Trial by Combat

May 2009

Lone Crusader

September 2012

The Ministeriale

December 2012

The Swabian

April 2013 (high school senior)

Stalking the White

August 2013

Northern Crusader

November 2013

The Jægermeister

December 2013

Winter-Time Knight

January 2016

Prince Valdemar Atterdag

Denmark's three-leopard sigil.

March 2016

Madman’s Breach

Our protagonist-knight has dashed up a siege-ladder, slashed a first defender (bottom left), swept aside the polearm of a second – not before he clipped an antler on our helm (top left) and just as he took a shaft to the chest (bottom right) – in a vigorous motion that swayed our ladder sideways (Newton’s third law) such that as we side-vault the wall we narrowly escape the streaking crossbow bolt (top leftish) of a third defender (off paper) upon whom we consequently focus our ink-black visor.